Co-Pilot Höfer on first legs of Rallye Maroc Classic: “All the hairpin bends suited our car”

Alexander Höfer is Elmar Wierderin’s co-pilot, making him one of the favorites to win this year’s Rallye Maroc Classic. In their Porsche 356 A, they have already achieved several victories and top 10 places in Morocco. In the following interview we hear how the team got on in the first leg of this year’s rally.  (more…)

From Fes to Ifrane – Rallye Maroc Classic arrives in the Mountains

The second leg of this year’s Rallye started in Fes. After lunch on board the “Lac Dayat Aoua”, the rally organizers scheduled a special time trial around the lake. The competitors then went on to Ifrane, a ski resort in the Atlas Mountains.  (more…)

2nd leg of the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014: the Top Ten Results

Route: Fes – Lac Dayat Aoua – Ifrane

  1. Cerezo/Cerezo (#5)
  2. Debrabandère/Deloddère (#33)
  3. Courtens/Courtens (#16)  (more…)

Impressions from the 1st leg of the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014

The first leg of the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014 runs from Casablanca to Fez. At Ben Slimane the rally convoy made a stop at an airfield. A course was marked out, and the cars all had to drive it at as close to a constant speed as possible.  (more…)

Rafael Cerezo on the first leg in the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014

Rafael Cerezo is one of the veterans of the Rallye Maroc Classic, which has now been running for more than 20 years. The exotic classic car event is being managed by a new team this year: French motorsports legend Cyril Neve has taken over the organization. So we took this opportunity to ask Rafael (more…)

Casablanca welcomes the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014

Casablanca – the white city – gave a sunny welcome to the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014 yesterday.The cars were presented at the Marocco Mall by the Atlantic Ocean so spectators could stroll along and admire the exclusive line-up of historic automobiles.The participants, however, were busy preparing for the first (more…)

Kaiser/Kaiser start the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014 in pole position

Birgit and Fritz Kaiser won last year’s Rallye Maroc Classic in a dramatic finale. The titleholders and their optimized Mercedes-Benz 300 SL are in the starting line-up again in 2014. Fritz Kaiser gave us a short interview just before the Rally began in Casablanca.  (more…)

Alpine A110 – Rare Rallying Legend Takes Part in the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014

For a period at the end of the 1960s and start of the 1970s, French mass-market carmaker Renault cultivated its sporty image with a spectacular rally car. Even today – as attested by the number of Renault Alpines entered in the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014 – the low-slung, speedy rally coupé is still (more…)

Rallye Maroc Classic 2014: motorsports legend Neveu brings a fresh approach

Over the past twenty years, The Rallye Maroc Classic has become an international reference in the classic car environment. In 2014, the rally will be organized by a new team led by Cyril Neveu, five-time winner of the Paris Dakar on the motorbike. He is also an event organizer with 20 years of experience in the World Rally Raid Championship with events such as Optic 2000 Tunisia Rally and ORPI Morocco. In 2014, no less than 50 people will take care of the sixty cars entered in the Rallye Maroc Classic.  (more…)

The 2014 Rallye Maroc Classic: 1,400 miles of excitement and challenges

It may be longer and arguably tougher than other classic car road trips, but there is no doubt that the Rallye Maroc Classic takes in some exceptionally spectacular landscapes, and the classic car aficionado taking part will certainly feel pampered by Morocco’s unparalleled hospitality. As of 2014, this successful rally event is being organized by Cyril Neveu, who is no stranger to the motor racing world: the Frenchman enjoyed his own prolific career in motorsport beforemaking a name for himself as a rally organizer.   (more…)