Thoulali/Verger win the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014

Victory in the Rallye Maroc Classic went to the home nation for the first time this year, with the Moroccan team of Touhlali and Verger defeating their closest rivals on the very last day. The final challenge took place at the Circuit International Automobile Moulay el Hassan, a race track that hosts part of the WTCC series. While the leaders and Ghistelinck/David (Mercedes Benz Coupé 3.5) affirmed their positions as first and second in the general classification, Mestdagh/Jadot – previously in fourth place – swapped places with Courtens/Courtens to take third.

Here’s the final top ten:

  1. Thoulali/Verger (Porsche 911 T)
  2. Ghistelinck/David (Mercedes Benz Coupé 3.5)
  3. Coutens/Courtens (Morgan 3Wheeler)
  4. Mestdagh/Jadot (AC Bristol)
  5. Galvan/Lolmede (Porsche 930)
  6. Wiederin/Höfer (Porsche 356 A)
  7. Kaiser/Kaiser (Mercedes-Benz 300 SL)
  8. Prevost/Cardoit (Renault 8 Gordini)
  9. Depondt/van Bockstal (Porsche 911 Targa)
  10. Dumolin/Dumolin (Mercedes-Benz 300 SL)


Final Podium of the rallye Maroc Classic 2014
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