Kaiser/Kaiser back in the race with new Tripmaster

Last year’s winner Kaiser/Kaiser had a difficult start to this year’s Rallye Maroc Classic. Fritz Kaiser tells us in the interview below why dreams of defending the title may be over, and how he rates his prospects. 

Q: Mr. Kaiser, you are having a tough time on the Rallye Maroc Classic this year. It all looked so exciting on the first day – so what happened?

We quickly found out that our Tripmaster wasn’t working properly, and you can’t compete with the top teams without one these days. We won the Rallye last year with this same Tripmaster, but had problems with the fuel injection in the extreme heat and at 1800 meters. With an improved ignition and an extra fuel pump, we thought we’d sorted it all out. Everything tested fine at home, but in Morocco it seems that the more powerful ignition system was interfering with the Tripmaster’s electromagnetic impulses, causing it to fail completely on the second day. Which is why we ended up in 23rd place.

Q: What do you do when something like that happens?

Luckily we found another Tripmaster system and fitted it overnight. You then have to calibrate it to the car while driving, learn the detailed operation and then use it properly under time pressure. As a co-pilot, my wife Birgit is really masterful in such situations, and in 3 days we were back up in 10th place.

Q: What are your chances now, do you think?

We can’t, of course, defend our title with these technical problems. And on day 4 the car stopped for a couple of minutes during a time trial. We don’t have the results yet, but that will put us back again. We still might be able to make a good top ten spot in the end though. In any case, we’re not going to let it spoil this exceptional Moroccan adventure.

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Rallye Maroc Classic 2014 - Kaiser-Kaiser on 4th leg in Ouarazate

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