Elmar Wiederin on the end of the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014: “I’ll be back”

Classic car aficionado Elmar Wiederin knows the Rallye Maroc Classic better than most. He has been taking part in this exclusive and exotic classic car event for many years, and after the end of 2014 edition, he gave us his take on the rally. 

Q: Mr. Wiederin, you were in the top ten throughout the whole of the Rallye Maroc Classic 2014, even though your Porsche 356 was a little underpowered in some of the trials and the car didn’t always run as well as it might. You must be happy?

Firstly, I’m always happy. I was as happy in this seventeenth running of the rally as I was back in 1998. The technical problems weren’t serious, but twice they almost led to us dropping out of the race and brought us some painful penalty points.

Q: Do you regret either of those incidents?

In the bar in the evening you hear a lot of “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve”. If we didn’t get any penalty points we would have ended up a lot further ahead. But I’m very happy with sixth place. Firstly I am always happy when we arrive savely at the finish line in Marrakech.

Q: Has anything changed now that Cyril Neveu is responsible for the organization?

Cyril Neveu has a hard act to follow. I think the Rallye du Maroc is the most interesting event there is for classic car lovers. Staging such an event is a real challenge.

Q: What will you remember in particular about this year’s rally?

2,300 km of open road and many meals with good friends in the evening. And Morocco of course: a country of unique landscapes and great people. I’ll be back next year.

Rallye Maroc Classic 2nd leg - Porsche 356 of Wiederin-Höfer
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