From Casablanca to Essaouira – Day 1 of the Rallye Maroc Classic

Traditionally, the first day of racing is a day of “warm-up”. The competitors adjusted to the Moroccan traffic conditions  and verified proper operation of instruments and calibration.This easy step by step theory will remain a memorable day for all. Indeed, if the first ERR afternoon unfolded without difficulty on the coastal road, the second was played under a deluge of water, creating extremely difficult driving conditions: aquaplaning, reduced visibility, formation of giant pools on roads receiving no drainage, most competitors penalized heavily before reaching the finish. 

SERTANG and PHILPOTT (Ferrari 308 GTS) were the most skilled in these difficult conditions and won the Classic in the ERR 2 and stage, taking the overall lead. Carlos Galvan and Georgina (Porsche 300 Turbo) were the best performers in the ERR 1 and took third place overall, and the Belgian duo DUMOLIN VANOVERSCHELDE (300SL) ranking second.

Prestige, NUYTTENS-EL GALAI (Mercedes SL55 AMG) won the ERR 1 Majid and Karima Alaoui the ERR2. They took the opportunity to take the lead in the overall standings Prestige.

The following day, a marathon stage of 470 km embellished 3ERR takes competitors to Essaouira Ouarzazate, allowing Morocco Classic Rally to walk the roads of southern Morocco on the third day of racing.

Please click on the image below to view some impressions of the Rallye Maroc Classic 2013, day one:



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