Fritz Kaiser on the 5th stage: “The tension mounts”

“The tension mounts. When our 300 SL began to stutter on the last time trial up the mountain today, we lost 13 seconds against the ideal time. This was basically the gap between us and our closest rivals in the noisy Cobra. In the heat and at over 1800 m altitude our fuel injection stopped working properly and the car lost power. Unfortunately it happened this time right in the middle of a time trial.

As a result, after 5 days we are now in second place, 1/10th of a second (!) behind the Cobra team. Tomorrow we go on to Marrakesh. It’s another long and intensive day, and unfortunately we’re in the mountains again. It’s all still very exciting. We’re practically nose to nose. Keep your fingers crossed!”

Fritz Kaiser

MAROC    2653
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