Casablanca welcomes the Rallye Maroc Classic 2013

The opening day of the 20th Rally of Morocco Classic was held in Casablanca in the largest shopping center in Africa The Morocco Mall. Indeed, this year scrutineering, the park closed and the village Hospitality were held on the esplanade of Morocco Mall, facing the sea, in the presence of a large audience, contributing to Classic Rally Morocco recognition it deserves.

Three cars were displayed in the center: The Renault Berlinette of 1972, the Renault Florida of 1962 and the Renault Spider of 1998. The official partners also attended the Hospitality Village open to the public: Total, Zurich, Renault, Royal Air Morocco, ALD, Cement Morocco, Jamain Bacco, Breweries Morocco, and of course the ONMT Happy Hour Benevolent Association Recognized for Public Utility. The team makes it a point of honor to help this remarkable organization raising funds during the auction and raffle will be held again this year.

At the start of the Morocco Mall in Casablanca, we drive along the Atlantic coast to Oualidia and the inevitable Spider Gourmande, giving way to a more sporty afternoon with the first 2 special stages down the main roads. The start of the first car is scheduled for 10:00 and it is the winner of the 2012 edition END / END on his Lotus Elan S3 1967 will launch the start of the 20th edition!

Please click on the visuals below to view the first impressions from Casablanca:

Start Rallye Maroc Classic Casablanca Morocco Mall

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