5th leg of Rallye Maroc Classic 2013: Every second counts!

The 5th stage of the Rally Morocco Classic 2013 took place on the roads of South Morocco, between Ouarzazate and Erfoud. Landscapes of the American West, often straight roads, high average. Seems to be an easier step, with standard deviations, but who ultimately upset the overall standings in Classic: Birgit and Fritz Kaiser (Mercedes 300 SL), victim of a vapor-lock problem in the last race, lose indeed, the head of the standings to 0.1 points, one tenth of a second, in favor of Olivier Susset and Philippe Gauthier (AC Cobra), while Pierre Carlos and Georgina Galvan come back in third position. Winners of the day are Frederick and Catherine Thouvenin (Jaguar XK140) in ERR13, Marc Deltenre and Marie Christine Goblot (Jaguar Type E) in the 14 and Olivier Susset and Philippe Gauthier in 15.

Status quo in the Prestige category with Bruno Nuyttens and Dounia El Galai (SL 55 AMG Mercedes) who won 2 ERR, Nabil and Selma Lahlou (Porsche 997) ERR clinching the first day.



1) Olivier SUSSET-Philippe VOIRY. AC COBRA. 41,7 points
2) Fritz et Birgit KAISER. Mercedes 300SL 41,8 points
3) Carlos et Georgina GALVAN Porsche 930 turbo 51,4 points


1) Bruno NUYTTENS-Dounia EL GALAI. AMG 55SL. 118,2 points
2) Nabil et Selma LAHLOU. Porsche 997 157,3 points
3) Abdelmajid et Karima ALAOUI. Morgan 4 Plus. 566,5 points

Click on the visual below to view some pics from the 5th leg of the Rallye Maroc Classic 2013:

MAROC    2615

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