Rallye Maroc Classic: Passages in the mountains take their toll

Misfortune for Elmar Wiederin on his trusty Porsche 356. Following a promising first leg, he had to fight with technical problems… 

Q: Elmar Wiederin, your car broke down on the second leg. What happened? 

Yesterday’s statement that the Porsche would be the ideal car for Morocco because of its simplicity seemed to be a little to early. The only pump in the car, the fuel pump went on strike. Its axis went its own way.

Q: Did it come out of left field or were there any signs beforehand?

In a passage upwards, the fuel feeding decreased. And then everything went fast – the engine died.

Q: How long did it take until you had technical assistance?

Unfortunately, we were not the only ones with technical problems so it took nearly an hour until the mechanics arrived. But they couldn’t help us on the spot anyways.

Q: Your car was towed away and the mechanics then worked during the night repairing the engine. Did they have success?

The mechanics have done a great job: Our car came in at Ouarazate pretty late as the road for the truck has been long and difficult. To get hold of the fuel pump, you have to deinstall the rear part of the motor compartment. At midnight, the engine worked again.

Q: You go into the rest of the race with lots of penalty points. In the Tour de France one would say – if you can’t win the overall ranking you have to concentrate on winning one or another leg.

Our aim is not olympic like “it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part. Our ambition is definitely to drive the rest of the Rallye as good as possible. Insh-allah!

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Porsche 356 went on strike

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