Vic Elford: “The Targa Florio is a fantastic adventure”

Some of the greats of motor racing are driving in the Targa Florio 2012, including former Formula 1 driver Arturio Merzario, Guys van Lennep and British racing legend Vic Elford.

Vic Elford, is the Targa Florio 2012 living up to your expectations?

Yes, definitely. It’s a fantastic adventure – I’m driving a quick little red Porsche Speedster from the Porsche Museum. I’m having great fun racing through this wonderful area, with the growl of the Speedster in my ears.

How would you describe Targa Florio 2012?

Fun and respect: on the one hand you have the beautiful stretches along the sea, where you can use the bends and play with your acceleration. That was pure fun. But then there are some very narrow parts going through twisting valleys and tiny villages. You have to pay a lot of attention there. It demands respect. All the people who have cheered us on have been great, and at every stop I’ve been able to share a lot of memories and tell anecdotes. I love Sicily and would love to come back again.

Targa Florio 1968, die Gesamtsieger sind Vic Elford (3.v.r.) und Umberto Maglioli (2.v.r.)

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