One day to go before the start of the Eco Targa Florio 2012

On the day before the first stage, the participants and organizers of the Eco Targa Florio 2012 are busy with last minute preparations. Project Manager Cristina Varone and Carlo Lastrucci, Member of the Organization Committee in charge of racing, are checking all the required documentation. Participants must submit a whole set of papers, including driving licence, racing licence and entry documents.

During the 1960s, Carlo Lastrucci was himself a passionate racing driver. He is still active on the scene and is working closely with the Automobilclub Palermo on accreditation for the Eco Targa Florio 2012. The organizers have set up a temporary office especially for the event so that any problems – forgotten racing licences, for example – can be dealt with quickly.

Many of the drivers are already in Sicily and several already went through accreditation on the morning of 10.10.2012. Once the roadbook, start number and stickers have been sorted out, the next step is the technical examination of the cars. “Comissario Tecnico” Gregorio Meli and his crew check that all the cars are technically in good health, and that chassis number, spare wheel and toolkits are all in order. Safety first!

Controllo Tecnico – Verifiche Sportive – Car Scrutineering… Just a couple of hours before the first cars start the rallye!

Please enjoy some impressions of the Eco Targa Florio 2012 right before the start and have a look at the slideshow. Simply click on the image below.


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