Massimo Delbo tells us about the difficult conditions on the third stage of the Eco Targa Florio 2012

The weather conditions changed after Catania, and the roads were wet from rain. What does that mean for the drivers?

You have to be extremely careful. Just look at the bodywork of the cars. Most of them have scratches and dents because they have skidded on the wet surface. Especially here around Etna, where there are ash particles in the air, the roads quickly become slippery and dangerous. You have to be completely on the ball, especially with the cars being so low-slung and the tires not always being the best. But even in the rain it’s a lot of fun!

What is particularly special for you about the Targa Florio 2012?

The contrasts. Sometimes you are driving in huge traffic jams in historic towns like Syracuse and Catania, where nobody is going to help you. You’re lost in the jungle of vehicles and just hope you get out at some pint. In Syracuse I was stuck in heavy lunchtime traffic for two hours. That wasn’t good – after all, we’re here to drive and enjoy the experience; and it’s not very good for the old cars either. But then we came into the historical zone and drove through the national park. And that was heavenly.

2012-10-13 Eco Targa Florio  Jaguar XK 120 OTS fighting with the rain
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